Stuart Sutcliffe

I was hired by Stuart's Foundation to design the definitive and official site. Stuart was known as "The 5th Beatle" and was brought into the band by his close friend John Lennon who bought Stuart his first bass guitar. We were honored to be given this opportunity to bring to light an historical set of circumstances heretofore hidden from the public and to highlight the life of Stuart Sutcliffe. Rich content, unearthing archival photographs and videos and presenting them in a coherent web site dedicated to a talented young man.

Tuscan Home Decor

An e-commerce site using CS-Cart and custom templates. I was asked to re-design this site for a client in Virginia. Originally she had over 1000 items for sale in a myriad of categories. We helped to define what the client wanted to sell and then researched suppliers willing to drop ship. Keyword content, image optimization and targeted visitors were the goal.


Silver Leaf Landscaping

A landscape designer web site for Kevin Keyser. The purpose of the site is to profile Kevin's work and attract more business. Custom templates and images were developed and ease of navigation was of paramount concern.



Enrg-Generators is a regional distributor and service company in Northern New Jersey. We were contacted because the company's new business was stagnant and they wanted a Web presence to jump start the business. Communicating with suppliers and manufacturers was of paramount importance. They were willing to supply specifications and images of their products. Categorizing and layout became the name of the game for this site including feedback and request forms. Within months we got a call from our client who told us that his business has taken off.

Sweetwaters French Style Dry Cleaners

Starting a new business is tough especially when you have to convince your potential clients to trust you with their personal items. Owner Charles Garland wanted a site that was simple, easy to navigate and would put his new pickup service into high gear. We added a form for pick up and monitored the responses for requests. It didn't take long before they started to come in.

The Best @ Dianne B

Dianne Benson is a high-powered woman with definite ideas on how things should be done. We were first contacted to fix her then current site. It was a deprecated Magento site that was so out of date there wasn't much to do except get out the duct tape and piece it together. We used e-commerce software that we had been involved with from its beginning, took care of the store front and made sure that her customer experience was quick and easy. We also set up a hosting plan that saved her over $150 per month.

Stuart Sutcliffe Art

When Stuart died at 21 he had amassed a large volume of work and with the aid of his sister we were able to achieve a retrospective from his early work, middle work and late work. “He (Stuart) was an outstanding loss to Liverpool and to English painting, and over and above the merit of his pictures he has a special significance as somebody whose burning creativity switched from art into pop music and then back again. He showed the way.” John Willett


Secret Painting

An information website and gallery, very minimal with a wonderful splash of color. With over 15 years of experience, John had a lot to bring to the table for this site. We lifted his logo from a business card and after several meetings were able to discover his company mandate. Images are all important for a wood worker's site so we kept after him to provide us with the best he had.


Ashawagh Hall

Ashawagh Hall is the premier gallery and community gathering place in East Hampton so we were honored when they contacted us for a new web site. We were happy to oblige. The Springs Improvement Society wanted a site that would be able to tell the community about their yearly schedule and also be a place where artists could preview their work. We suggested an artists database and that was added as well. Scheduling and calendar software was added and we trained a Board Member how to use it and we were always available to help as needed.


Artists Alliance of East Hampton

The Artists Alliance of East Hampton had a web site but nothing worked and their members and the Board of Directors were frustrated. After all this was supposed to be the place where local artists could showcase their work and stand up to be counted. After meeting with Board members we forged ahead to offer simplicity, functionality and most of all the commitment to be there when we were needed. We also took care of the maps for the annual Artist Studio Tour.

Cafe Max

A wonderful restaurant with great seafood needed to have a Web Presence where their menus could be displayed. We were contacted by chef and owner Sami Krasniqi to give them just that. Sami wanted something that looked like a sketch with just a splash of color. Did we do that? Yes we did!

Carolyn Zenk, Attorney

Carolyn needed a site that would contain all of her many legal services and there are many, in various categories. She depends on this to show potential clients what she has done and what she can do. There was a ton of information to be sorted, categorized and put in a coherent order. We worked closely with her over several months to produce a Joomla site that was clear and dependable.

Savio Mizzi Art

Savio is a designer and artist who likes to take the lead in his own design. He provided us with sketches of what he wanted his site to look like and we followed him in every detail.


Wily’s Carpentry

Wily Rea is a man of many talents and he produces beautiful work. The problem was he was paying monthly for a site that was not doing him any good and he needed a change so we gave him an affordable 3 year hosting package and a site to display his work.


VIP Estate Sales

VIP Estate Sales was founded by East Hampton resident Kathryn Bermudez with a passion to decorate with re-cycled and re-purposed items. Kathryn wanted to help families donate their un-wanted items to a hands-on organization that would make sure that these items would be re-cycled responsibly and in a “green” manner. After a few sales, she decided to create VIP Estate Sales to ensure that the items would be re-cycled and no matter how insignificant the item, she could find a value for someone and we wanted to help her.



A pure space for yoga amidst the hustle and bustle of the Hamptons this site showcases class schedules, registration and teacher profiles.


Stevens Heating & Air

Heating and air conditioning service is a very competitive business in the Hamptons. The goal here was SERPS placement within the top 5 for the featured keywords. It took about 2 weeks to reach this goal and the business is doing better than ever.

Eve Eliot

We were hired by Kriss Warrenburg of Cyan Design to supply the code and hosting for their concept. We were supplied images of how the site should look and the rest was up to us. Aside from displaying Eve's tremendous talent as a Yoga teacher, the site is a shopping mall for Eve's CD's and books sold on Amazon. Speed, ease of navigation and simplicity were of primary concern.

Nadine Daskaloff Art

A simple catalog of artwork for this amazing artist done in Zen Photo

Emilio Sosa Medina

When I met Emilio Sosa Medina – Paper Mache Artist of Isla Mujeres I was blown away by his art and technique.